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Breakwater Security Associates offers consulting services which provide expert analysis in the area of information security. Our consulting services include analysis, documentation of findings and recommendations, and a presentation to your staff and management. The following key components are offered as a comprehensive approach to information security.

  Needs Analysis
The exploding use of the Internet has caused companies to consider taking the steps necessary to allow them to use the Internet to their advantage and to secure their proprietary information. The Breakwater Needs Analysis helps companies to sort through the numerous Internet applications, various firewalls, hardware platforms, and operating systems. Our consultants interview key personnel to determine Internet use and directions, and then provide a custom plan for implementing the best firewall available for accommodating the intended applications without sacrificing security.

Comprehensive Security Assessment
Breakwater's Comprehensive Security Assessment is a careful and thorough examination of your internal and external security. We conduct a hands-on investigation into the security measures you have in place to secure your information. We then compare our findings and observations to the stated security policies. Our consultants interview key staff and management to determine the technical and managerial barriers to implementing improved security. Breakwater's experts then document the findings and provide specific recommendations for improving security. We present a plan that you can use to independently implement our recommendations. You also have the option to retain Breakwater to perform the implementation.

Security Policy Development
Critical to the implementation of information security is the development of internal policies and procedures. We will help you draft or modify security policies which will meet your current needs, will allow you to adapt to new technologies, and will match your corporate culture and style. We will address issues inherent with Internet access such as how to control unsolicited e-mail, pornography, and other non-business use of the Internet. We have worked with numerous companies in a variety of industries and have crafted security policies to match their corporate styles and levels of security. This experience gives us the knowledge to understand your company's approach to security and enables us to help you develop practical and functional policies.